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Artist Create The World

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Artist Create The World

The time has come for artists to take their rightful seat in the world and that's at the front.
Since past times we as artist have always been placed at the backend and positioned as optional.
But, if we are so optional why is everything in this world created by artist of some kind.
God himself is the first artist and he has given some of us the same abilities that he himself has
so we spend our time creating as he has. People buy and spend on what they clearly value but there is
a disconnect of understanding because the things that we support and buy were drawn, sketched, painted or designed by an artist.
My hope is to reach and educate the world to understand how things are created and who creates them for a deeper, appreciated outlook.
Don't make art an option. It is just as important as that items that you would like from Wal-Mart, Target and the other shopping centers etc.
It's important because with out traditional art all these other items would not exist.
Remember "Artist Create The World" - Robert N. Watson Jr. a.k.a R.A.A.M

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